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merging selective pharmacology with the power of nature

to empower your own healing.


NUNU BIOCEUTICALS offers advanced and proven patented nutraceutical ingredients that put you at the forefront of optimized health and longevity.  Our core ingredients are engineered to support mind, body, and metabolism with peer-reviewed, published research that supports pharmacology and health claims.

Our mission at NUNU is to find proven, science-based, life-changing therapies that are driven by real-life experiences of health, disease, trials, and triumph to help drive a vision of health and wellness. 

Two compounding facts distinguish NUNU products from others:

  1. They are based on real relevant science that can be crosschecked in the online peer-reviewed open-access medical journals.

  2. They are formulated and used by world-class athletes and biomedical researchers that also use these products to ensure the expected results are, in fact, experienced in practice.


You are buying into a lifestyle program that empowers you to fuel life-changing results. 

Our first line-up of powerful, patented nutraceuticals includes:


  • Curcumin BioBDMC™

  • KetoBHBA™

  • Glyvia™

  • Ashwith™


Read more about NUNU's first series of pioneering products stemming from one man's mission to survive, conquer and thrive from a debilitating disease.... 

behind our first technology offering
Franco Cavaleri, BSc, PhDc

Franco Cavaleri is the founder of Biologic Pharmamedical Research, a biomedical lab
developing patented nutraceutical and pharmaceutical technologies now being integrated into the NUNU Bioceutical brand.  Franco is also a bestselling author and IFBB bodybuilding champion.

Initially driven by a passion to better understand nutraceuticals and nutrition in order to enhance his performance during a quest to win the title of several North American bodybuilding competitions, Franco was struck with Ulcerative Colitis,  a serious autoimmune disease.


This disease derailed him twice with hospitalization and with a prognosis of surgical intervention with prohibitive lifestyle consequences but was also the impetus that changed the course of his
research forever.  His research into anti-inflammatory strategies, originally used to support recovery from training, quickly became focused on better understanding the pharmacology of natural medicinal agents to rehabilitate his and other inflammatory conditions without surgical intervention. He was able to overcome this disease without surgery and successfully won five bodybuilding titles in Canada including the 1992 IFBB Mr. North America Bodybuilding Champion.

Subsequently, Franco's research has led to the pharmacological discovery and multiple patents that are used in medicinal products globally. His  books focus not only on how our bodies respond to nutrition but also on empowering people to develop a positive mindset and skills to optimize their mental and emotional well-being. NUNU has adopted and embodied these philosophies and is pleased to include these patented nutraceuticals in the first of many ingredients backed by science. 

franco cavaleri founder of biologic pharmamedical research
franco cavaleri bodybuilding champion


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