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Introducing NU SWEET, the revolutionary dietary supplement that provides a natural, zero-carbohydrate sugar-like taste and mouthfeel without the calories or aftertaste commonly associated with stevia or artificial-type sweeteners. Our patented technology, Glyvia™, is keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, and natural, making it perfect for healthy living.


NU SWEET is easy to use as granular sugar for beverages, baking, and cooking. It enhances the flavor of what it's added to and can even be used with sugar to lower the sugar requirement per serving. It is a guilt-free, great-tasting alternative to traditional sweeteners, suitable for people of all ages and life stages.


Experience the future of sweet with NU SWEET - the perfect solution for those looking to reduce their sugar intake or seeking a healthier alternative to traditional sweeteners. Add it to your coffee, tea, or favorite recipes to enjoy the sweet taste you love without the calories or artificial ingredients.


Get your hands on NU SWEET today and indulge in the sweetness you deserve!

Nu Sweet (Tablets)

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  • "I am amazed by its all-natural taste! I have been using this in all my baking recipes and my family can’t tell the difference. :D"


    "I have tried multiple weight loss management diets and nothing has worked for me permanently. Now I have started avoiding all processed food and the hardest was to avoid any sugar! This new plant-based sweetener is very promising you guys, I am all over it! I like how I can continue to eat clean and healthy with Nu Sweet."

    "It really does taste like sugar! And dissolves very quickly unlike other sweeteners. I am enjoying my sweet tea again."

    "It has been a month since I started using Nu Sweet in my coffee every morning. There is literally nothing else I have been doing and I have already lost weight! Even my clothes are fitting better now. I have been recommending these to everyone I know! I can’t want to see long term results."

    "I was always skeptical about Aspartame for all the knows side effects it causes. I have never thought I would ever replace my sugar with anything else, mainly because I was worried about the chemicals. But this Nu Sweet is really chemical free! I am so glad that I found this. There is no aftertaste either!"

    "I have been loving this Nu Sweet powder in my beverages. I like the packaging a lot. Unlike little pouches, I can use this powder however I want. I am going to order the Nu Sweet tablets next. They might be easier to monitor my usage."

    "There are other sugar alternatives out there in the market with lower price tags, but they all give me some sort of after taste. I really like this natural sweetener. I will definitely be keeping stock of these at home. My margaritas taste better now. 😉"

    "My mom and dad are diabetic and even though my sugar levels are in control now, I keep a constant check on my sugar intake. The Nu Sweet has been the best addition to my kitchen ever! My sugar levels are under the flag range consistently for past month. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for clean sugar alternative."

    "This is really a great tasting plant-based sugar replacement so far. I have tried MANY and I can tell you that this tastes very close to sugar. I do know what technology it is, but this makes the texture of my beverages better!"

    "The best part about this natural product is that it is also kid friendly! I have made a few batches of muffins with this and my kids can’t tell the difference. I am sure this will be very helpful for everyone out there trying to control the sugar intake. I am a guilt-free happy mom. 😊"

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