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KetoBHBA vs. Regular Ketones: A Breakthrough in Fat Metabolism

KetoBHBA vs. Regular Ketones: A Breakthrough in Fat Metabolism

Franco Cavaleri reveals that while exogenous ketones inhibit fat burning, their value lies in enhancing general energy. The challenge was maintaining ketogenesis during ketone intake, leading to the development of KetoBHBA.

Butyric Acid in KetoBHBA

Franco distinguishes KetoBHBA from regular ketones by highlighting the crucial addition of butyric acid (BA). This short-chain fatty acid activates oxidation, ensuring the body continues to burn fat even when supplemented with exogenous ketones.

Elevating Butyric Acid's Potential

Continuing their research, Franco's team enhanced butyric acid, creating Thermobutyrate. This independent compound works outside the scope of ketones, amplifying the body's fat-burning capacity, and turning it into a formidable fat-burning machine.

"KetoBHBA is ketones reinvented—combining the brain benefits of ketones with the fat-burning power of butyric acid. Thermobutyrate™ accelerates fat burning independently, creating a groundbreaking synergy."

For an in-depth understanding, watch the full video on YouTube and explore the revolutionary KetoBHBA and Thermobutyrate™ at

Franco Cavaleri's extensive knowledge is available in his books at

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