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How External Factors Shape Genetic Expression

Updated: 4 days ago

How External Factors Shape Genetic Expression

While genetic profiles remain constant, influencing how genes are expressed can be pivotal. Factors such as nutrition, environmental stressors, and lifestyle choices play a significant role in this process.

Harnessing Environmental Stress

Strategies like cold plunges and calorie restriction impose stress on the body, triggering adaptive mechanisms that promote recovery, restoration, and enhanced resilience.

Natural Compounds as Signaling Mechanisms

Exploring the potential of plant-derived and animal-based compounds to act as signaling agents that modulate genetic expression, leading to improved recovery and performance.

Peptide Discoveries

Recent advancements in peptide research reveal their ability to influence gene expression, particularly in regulating hormone activity for better recovery, repair, and overall performance.

Biologic's Innovative Approach

At Biologic, a dedicated team is focused on understanding how specific natural compounds and peptides can positively impact gene expression, thereby enhancing cellular behavior and optimizing performance levels in both daily life and athletic endeavors.

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