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The Ultimate Solution for Joint Pain, Inflammation, Anti-Aging, and Improved Memory!

curcumin tumeric extract

53x more potent than any
other regular Curcumin on the market


Curcumin BioBDMC™ joint and pain relief


Curcumin for brain health


joint pain relief with the strongest curcumin in the world


"Having super-powerful Curcumin III as an ultra-antioxidant with an ORAC value of 565,000 is a proactive and potent way to continuously boost and support your immune system and memory, reduce inflammatory-related disease and reverse aging."

Franco Cavaleri B.Sc. Ph.D.c 

Biomedical Researcher: Experimental Medicine/Disease Pathology;
Former IFBB Mr. North America

Curcumin for healthy lifestyle and longevity
Nu Curcumin bundle of 3

SUPPORT Your Immune System + Anti-Aging


This powerful Curcumin BioBDMC™ formulation provides relief from inflammation, joint discomfort and various diseases related to inflammation.


Works faster (within hours) instead of days like regular Curcumin 95% does. 

PRESERVE Your mobility, youth + overall wellbeing


53x stronger than other brands you will feel less chronic pain, less inflammation for various disorders and enjoy faster recovery and memory.

NU-Curcumin BioBDMC™
is a game-changer

franco cavaleri IFBB scientist for curcumin biobdmc patent

IFBB Bodybuilding Champion of North America becomes
Nutritional Biochemist and Research Scientist.
Franco uncovers a hidden element that targets inflammation that is 53x more potent than any other Curcumin in the market...and healed his own
severe ulcerative colitis to go on to win Mr. North America.

Stumbling on a great life purpose...


Back in the 1990s in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Franco Cavaleri was an undergrad in medicine and a competitive bodybuilder. He had consecutively won every local and regional bodybuilding championship he competed in throughout Canada and was training for something bigger...

His undefeated wins for weight class and overall title championships were unprecedented - driven not only by his own passion but a deeper curiosity and understanding about the impact of nutrition on human performance - and discovering the impact on his own body.

As a competitive athlete, Franco tried many different supplements including huge amounts of Curcumin because it helped reduce muscle soreness and inflammation so he could recover faster, train harder and therefore, more frequently.  The world-wide availability of Curcumin dwindled at one point making it difficult to get so he continued to train at the same pace without this inflammatory countermeasure.

It wasn't long before his recovery and performance began to regress.  He started to feel aches and pains in his muscles. He also developed terrible stomach pain.  After a stint in the hospital it turned out he had Severe Ulcerative Colitis, a serious inflammatory bowel disease which almost dwindled his hopes of ever competing again - never mind having a normal, healthy life. 

It became evident before long that this Curcumin dosing was taking the edge off this disease and the logical thing to do was to get back on the original program. Within weeks of restoring his Curcumin intake he was back to training and functioning normally to focus on his studies - much to the surprise of his doctors.

Franco eventually made it back to the competitive stage and won the Mr. North America International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship in his weight class! He was also able to overcome the symptoms of Severe Ulcerative Colitis and continues to manage it to this day by taking his own patented formula of Curcumin BioBDMC™ which we have included in the NUNU Bioceuticals collection of supplements.

Franco decided to make nutrition his life’s work. He started working towards a PhD in Experimental Medicine at the University of British Columbia. It wasn't long before his discoveries in medicine defined why and how his Curcumin strategies were effective.  He was able to fine-tune the extraction and composition to hone in on active components not recognized or applied before the way he used them.  His eye-opening findings were heard loud and clear worldwide to garner the attention of international universities including one in India where principal investigators recognized the potential of his pharmacological discoveries published in peer-reviewed medical journals

He was soon invited to extend his doctoral work in an Indian Government University to apply the study of his discoveries to cancer therapy in hopes it could address a mysterious rise in oral cancer in some Indian communities.  Today, this work continues with promising outcomes that are leading to multiple research papers that will be seen shortly in the public literature. Franco's health challenge and overcoming it in the face of competition led to it becoming an important part of his life's work and passion to help humanity. 

When two
worlds collide

franco cavaleri body building champion and scientist
franco cavaleri nutritional biochemist
tumeric vs curcumin biobdmc
An Older Woman Bathing in the Sea
Nu Curcumin Cavaleri Ingredients

Are you ready to experience the incredible benefits of Nu-Curcumin with Curcumin BioBDMC30™?


Take control of your joint pain, inflammation, anti-aging, and memory improvement today. Don't settle for ordinary curcumin when you can have the extraordinary, patented, potent, proven and consistent results you've been waiting for.


Order now and discover the power of Nu-Curcumin for yourself!


Order Now and Transform Your Health!

$51.00 per bottle

SAVE 10% on 1-2 bottles
SAVE $11

30 Day full money-back guarantee
nu curcumin by nunu bioceuticals


$45.00 per bottle

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30 Day full money-back guarantee
 nu curcumin bundle of 3 and save



"I've been on these Curcumin BioBDMC Capsules for over a year, it's been working wonders on the Osteoarthritis in my knees injuries from MVA and other injuries. Sometimes I need to double my dose after I have exerted too much on my knees. Your curcumin capsules help tremendously!"


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