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Unveiling the Dairy Dilemma: A Deeper Look at Milk Proteins

Unveiling the Dairy Dilemma: A Deeper Look at Milk Proteins

Not all milk proteins are created equal. Your milk choice may be causing obesity and diabetes. Franco Cavaleri delves into the intricacies of dairy proteins and their potential impact on health.

The Plant-Based Shift

With the surge in concerns about milk proteins causing allergic reactions and inflammation, many are turning to plant-based dairy substitutes. However, Franco sheds light on an unexpected culprit – not the entire dairy protein but a specific component known as casein.

The Case for Casein: A1 vs. A2

Franco introduces the distinction between A1 and A2 beta casein found in milk. In North America, where cows are selectively bred for higher milk production, there's a prevalence of A1 beta-casein. This variant, linked to inflammatory responses, poses potential risks for conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Global Variances in Milk Composition

Drawing comparisons to Asia, where cows are not selectively bred for maximum milk volume, Franco highlights lower A1 beta casein levels. Studies in these regions suggest a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity, challenging the notion that all dairy induces the same health effects.

Navigating the Controversy

While there's controversy surrounding the link between A1 beta-casein and health issues, Franco's insights are grounded in research. His article, though met with skepticism, is a call to critically examine the composition of milk, especially in regions where selective breeding practices contribute to higher A1 beta casein levels.

"It's based on facts; it's based on research. The A1 beta caseine loaded milk of North America creates an incremental risk for inflammatory activity, obesity, and diabetes."

Franco Cavaleri encourages individuals to explore the nuances of dairy proteins. The A1 beta casein-loaded milk prevalent in North America may pose an incremental risk for inflammatory activity, obesity, and diabetes.

For a comprehensive understanding, watch the full video on YouTube, and delve deeper into the research at Make informed choices today for a healthier tomorrow.

For a deeper dive into Franco's insights, explore his books at

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