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Thermobutyrate™ in Action Transforming Ketogenic Diet Results

Thermobutyrate™ in Action Transforming Ketogenic Diet Results

Franco Cavaleri shares insights from over two decades of research on ketogenesis and the pitfalls of relying solely on exogenous ketones. His quest began to explore how to induce ketogenesis and its profound impact on lipid metabolism.

The Ketone Inhibition Effect

Franco unveils research demonstrating that taking exogenous ketones inhibits fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis, preventing the body from effectively burning its fat. This revelation challenges the traditional belief in the benefits of exogenous ketones for weight loss.

Ketones and the Ketogenic Diet

Franco dissects the intricacies of the ketogenic diet, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the body's signaling for ketogenesis. He explains how consuming exogenous ketones interrupts the ketogenic process, hindering the body's ability to use its stored fat for energy.

Cutting to the Chase for Comprehensive Effects

Franco introduces Thermobutyrate™ as a groundbreaking solution that activates lipid metabolism upstream of ketones. This compound triggers various processes, from fat breakdown to the activation of hormone-sensitive lipase and uncoupling protein, offering a holistic approach to weight loss.

Differentiating Between Ketogenesis and Ketosis

Franco clarifies the distinction between ketogenesis and ketosis, highlighting that while ketosis measures elevated serum ketone levels, ketogenesis is the mechanism by which the body produces ketones from its own or dietary fats. Thermobutyrate™ supports this process.

The Pitfalls of Exogenous Ketones

Franco acknowledges the benefits of exogenous ketones for cognitive support but cautions against relying on them for weight loss. He emphasizes the potential hurdles, including the need to burn through ketone calories and the risk of disrupting the ketogenic process.

"Thermobutyrate activates the entire process of lipid metabolism, providing a comprehensive solution for fat burning, appetite suppression, and cognitive enhancement."

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