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Revitalize Your Health: Unleashing the Power of Myokines

Revitalize Your Health: Unleashing the Power of Myokines

Want a fitter, happier, healthier you for the New Year?

Franco Cavaleri shares valuable insights from the gym. Drawing on his lifelong commitment to exercise, Cavaleri emphasizes the transformative effects it has on metabolism, insulin function, and cognitive abilities.

The Science Behind Exercise

Exercise, as Cavaleri explains, triggers the release of myokines—compounds secreted by skeletal muscles that activate restorative systems in the body. These myokines play a crucial role in maintaining youth by improving insulin function, managing blood glucose, and enhancing brain function.

Biologic's Research Approach

At Biologic, the focus is on studying the proteins activated by exercise at the cellular level. Cavaleri and his team aim to understand how the body responds to the stress of physical activity, with the goal of harnessing natural compounds to activate these systems. Their philosophy is simple: mimic what the body does naturally rather than reinventing the wheel.

Exercise vs. Medication

Cavaleri underscores the irreplaceable benefits of exercise, stating that no medication can replicate the natural responses triggered by physical activity. The key, he suggests, is providing the body with the right equipment and prompts to unleash its inherent capabilities.

"There is no medication that can replace what the body can do naturally when you give it the equipment and the prompts to do so."

Franco Cavaleri advocates for incorporating exercise into daily routines. Additionally, he invites readers to explore Biologic's research, offering compounds designed to complement the activation of proteins and systems triggered by exercise.

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