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Insulin's Role in Adult-Onset Diabetes: Beyond the Common Misconceptions

Insulin's Role in Adult-Onset Diabetes: Beyond the Common Misconceptions

Franco Cavaleri sheds light on the intricate dance between insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. As we age, varying levels of insulin resistance develop—a desensitization by the body to insulin's signal.

Insulin's Vital Role

Insulin, produced by the pancreas in response to consumed food, triggers receptors in the body's periphery. It acts like a key unlocking a gateway, allowing blood sugar to enter tissues and clear from the bloodstream. However, when insulin signals falter, blood sugar doesn't clear effectively, leading to insulin resistance.

The Genetic Twist

Insulin, a peptide made of amino acids, can suffer mutations. Cavaleri highlights 15-16 insulin mutations passed through generations. These mutations can lead to misplacement of amino acids, affecting the three-dimensional structure crucial for proper signaling. Some mutations cause minor configuration changes, requiring higher insulin levels for signaling.

Impact on Metabolism

Insulin gene mutations affect metabolism. Individuals with mutations may experience variations in their ability to burn, store fat, and metabolize energy. While many cases of adult-onset type 2 diabetes aren't linked to these mutations, some struggle unknowingly until diagnosed later in life.

Receptor Site Dilemmas

Apart from insulin mutations, receptor site mutations contribute to insulin resistance. These mutations alter the receptor's configuration, leading to desensitization. Interestingly, individuals with these resistance states respond well to intermittent fasting.

"If you do have an insulin gene mutation, then your insulin is not signaling as well as someone else's insulin who doesn't have the mutation."

Understanding insulin's role in type 2 diabetes is crucial for effective management. Franco Cavaleri's insights offer clarity on the complexity of insulin resistance.

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