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Insulin Resistance and Cognitive Clarity: How Thermobutyrate™ Can Help

Insulin Resistance and Cognitive Clarity: How Thermobutyrate™ Can Help

Franco Cavaleri delves into the intricacies of intermittent fasting, shedding light on its impact on insulin resistance and overall well-being. While some may not feel the benefits immediately, those with insulin resistance find relief as ketones, produced during fasting, become a more efficient energy source for the brain.

Insulin Resistance in the Brain: A Type 3 Diabetic State

Franco introduces the concept of type 3 diabetic state, where insulin resistance affects the brain, mismanaging blood sugar and hindering neuron access. For individuals experiencing this condition, intermittent fasting becomes a potent tool, providing the brain with ketones independent of insulin signaling.

Thermobutyrate™: Elevating the Benefits of Fasting

Enter Thermobutyrate™ - Franco explains how this supplement enhances the fasting experience. It not only suppresses appetite, allowing for extended fasting, but also improves insulin function, enhances blood sugar availability, and facilitates fat breakdown for ketone production.

"If you are insulin resistant or type 2 diabetic, when you fast, you feel better because now the brain is able to get an energy source—the ketone that your body made during the fast state—and it feels alive."

Franco encourages a personalized approach to intermittent fasting. For those deeply entrenched in insulin resistance, Thermobutyrate™ becomes a key ally, providing clarity of mind and aiding in ketosis. Whether opting for prolonged fasts or smaller, balanced meals throughout the day, the goal is blood sugar control and fat management.

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