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From Lab to Hope: Franco's Team Paves the Way in Cancer Drug Development

From Lab to Hope: Franco's Team Paves the Way in Cancer Drug Development

Franco Cavaleri shares exciting news of a significant milestone in cancer research, applauding his team's dedication and success.

Groundbreaking Research

Franco highlights the team's remarkable achievement in cancer research, emphasizing that the findings are at the bench level in vitro, showcasing unique drug designs derived from ashwagandha extract.

The Ashwith™ Technology Connection

While not yet approved as a cancer drug, Franco discusses the promising results of a potent cancer drug, an offshoot of their ashwith technology, custom-extracted and modified for potential therapeutic use.

Published Paper and Collaborations

The team's efforts have led to a published paper, now public, presenting compelling data. Franco expresses pride in the achievement and announces collaboration with an Indian university for the next steps towards potential clinical research.

"We're not just studying cancer; we're pioneering solutions that could potentially transform lives."

Franco's lab is not only celebrating past success but also gearing up for the future. As they move into collaboration with an Indian university, the hope is to contribute to clinical research, offering potential solutions for overcoming oral cancer and other types

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