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Fat to Fuel: Exploring ThermoGallate™ and Thermobutyrate™ for Optimal Metabolism

Fat to Fuel: Exploring Thermogallate and Thermobutyrate for Optimal Metabolism

Embark on a journey through the lab with Franco Cavaleri and his team, exploring cutting-edge projects aimed at enhancing brain health.

Unveiling the Power of Curcumin Products

Franco delves into the intricate world of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression. The team's BioBDMC™ curcumin, a standout performer, induces BDNF effectively. Excitement brews around the impending launch of Curcumerone, a hero product coupling curcuminoid to turmerone for optimal BDNF induction.

Cracking the Code of Fat Conversion

On the other side of the lab, experiments on D16 cells reveal the wonders of ThermoGallate™ and Thermobutyrate™, products designed to boost uncoupling protein (UCP) activity. This innovative project aims to convert fat into energy, promoting thermogenesis and fat burning.

Optimizing ThermoGallate™ for Ultimate Results

The team doesn't stop at discovery; they dive deep to optimize Thermogallate™, enhancing UCP activity. Franco's dedication to fully maximizing this product underscores its potential to revolutionize fat metabolism.

"Our commitment is not just discovery but understanding how to fully optimize the product."

For those intrigued by the glimpse into the lab, watch the full video on YouTube and learn more at

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