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Fasting Made Easier: The Thermobutyrate™ Advantage

Fasting Made Easier: The Thermobutyrate™ Advantage

Franco Cavaleri discusses the growing trend of fasting and its remarkable impact on reducing cancer risk, improving blood sugar management, and addressing metabolic syndrome. Delve into the subcellular activations during fasting.

Unlocking Cellular Cleansing with Fasting

Franco explores the proteins activated during fasting, inducing autophagy, stem cell activity, and thermogenesis. The focus is on understanding these processes to leverage nutraceuticals like Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ for similar benefits.

Fasting's Key to Metabolic Restoration

Franco emphasizes the role of sirtuin proteins in metabolic restoration during fasting. Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™, designed in their lab, showcase activities similar to those activated in the fasted state.

Designing Thermobutyrate and ThermoGallate

Learn how Franco's lab designed Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ by extracting compounds from plants with molecular structures resembling fasting-activated receptor sites. These compounds synergize with fasting, enhancing its effects.

Fasting without the Daunting Challenge

Franco introduces a solution for those hesitant about fasting—Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™. These compounds sustain you during the fasting state, activating proteins akin to those activated during fasting.

The Synergy of Fasting and Nutraceuticals

Franco explains how Thermobutyrate™ synergizes with fasting, offering benefits like improved metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and inflammation management. These nutraceuticals aim to amplify the positive effects of fasting.

"Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ synergize the effects of fasting, making it accessible and effective, even for those hesitant about prolonged fasts."

For a deeper understanding, watch the full video on YouTube. Explore the transformative potential of Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ at

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