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Beyond Synthetic: Exploring Natural Alternatives to Ozempic

Beyond Synthetic: Exploring Natural Alternatives to Ozempic

Let's dive into some healthier alternatives to Ozempic.

Franco Cavaleri sheds light on groundbreaking research at Biologic. Their biomedical research model mirrors that of the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to validate natural medicines using allopathic drug research models. The goal is to create precise pharmacology for natural medicines, understanding their isolated forms.

Understanding Ozempic and Its Drawbacks

Cavaleri delves into Ozempic (semaglutide), a synthetic GLP1 analog approved by the FDA. Despite its popularity, it comes with cautionary side effects like emaciation, sarcopenia, and intestinal blockages. The drug reduces the transition rate of food and induces GLP1, leading to the loss of lean body mass, a concerning statistic being two-thirds of weight loss as muscle mass.

A Different Approach at Biologic

Biologic's approach differs, focusing on natural compounds modified to fit the GLP1 induction mechanism. Rather than supplying synthetic chemicals with potential side effects, they aim to activate the body's natural production of GLP1. This approach has gained traction, with pharmaceutical dispensaries now offering products based on their GLP1 agonist.

"There is a place for synthetic drugs, but they are not to replace lifestyle changes. Semaglutide may have its uses, but inducing a lifestyle change or opting for a natural product can yield results without the side effects."

Franco Cavaleri's research provides an alternative to Ozempic, encouraging individuals to explore natural options and lifestyle changes. Approve Medical Solutions offers a pharmaceutical-grade product as a substitute, aiming to mitigate the potential side effects associated with synthetic drugs.

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