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Fat Burning, Preworkout Amplifier for Women

With KETOBHBA™ BHB-BA™ Complex

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Nu Lean is a pre-workout amplifier designed specifically for women that promotes fat burning. Our product contains KETOBHBA™ (BHB-BA™) Complex, an exogenous ketone formulation that has been shown to provide metabolic enhancement over BHB alone, according to recent peer-reviewed and published scientific literature.


Nu Lean supports enhanced mental and physical performance, making it an ideal addition to your pre-workout routine. The BHB-BA-complex in our product is patented and has been clinically proven to induce ketosis regardless of your diet, while also promoting fat burning.


It is important to note that regular BHB supplementation can turn off ketogenesis and fatty acid oxidation as your body sees the ketones (BHB) coming in from the supplement. However, the signal from BA coupled to our patented BHB-BA complex tells your body to continue burning your own fat and making ketones from your own fat while still absorbing energy from the BHB-BA supplement.

Nu Lean is an all-natural, zero-carb, exogenous ketone supplement that is clinically proven to support weight management and promote ketosis, while also rapidly fueling mental and physical performance. Each serving of Nu Lean is only 10 calories, making it a guilt-free addition to your daily routine.


Our product is suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels and tastes great. With Nu Lean, you can elevate your ketones and take your workouts to the next level. Say goodbye to traditional pre-workout supplements and try Nu Lean today!

Nu Lean - 3 Pack

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  • "Me and my wife got one jar of each Keto mix as our new pre-workout drink mix and we are loving it! We love how our drinks taste, its really smooth. So far we have been using it only 3 times a week when we use heavy weights, but we are now going to start taking it daily. I already feel more energetic. I can’t wait to see the results with a full month of use."

    "I am taking the NuLean for last 2 weeks and the results are shocking! I could not believe how much control I have gained over my food cravings. I have lost 2 pounds already and I am only working out 30-40 minutes daily. Amazing!"

    "This KETO drink with the unique technology is a real deal. I even watched the video by Franco to understand the whole exogenous ketones concept and it really helped me understand it. I am a 44-year male and I am taking 1 scoop per day. I am going to try taking two scoops before my 5K running laps to see more difference. So far I am very impressed with the way my body feels toned."

    "I love the peachy flavor! It is sweet tasting but literally 10 calories! I love this natural supplement!"

    "There are so many pre-workout drinks out there, but I stopped taking them as they have one or the other dangerous side effects to your body. This all-natural drink with KETOBHBA is really good! My daughter is not fan of the taste, maybe more flavors down the road?"

    "I am loving this NUCUT as my go to drink. I like how there is not plastic wastage with single serving and it is all in a jar. I can store all three jars in my pantry conveniently and make one in my shaker bottle on the go. My energy level has significantly improved without raising my heart rate. LOL"

    "I had gotten into the habit of eating zero nutrient food like crackers and chips before my workout. It would obviously make me lethargic, but when I take this Nulean, it makes me feel alert and enthusiastic! I have noticed that it is different than eating anything healthy before my workout. I am definitely going to buy more! I have not noticed the weight loss as such yet, but my clothes are fitting better and my face looks leaner. I am very happy with it!"

    "I have tried keto pills before and I must say that the drink absorption is so much better and faster! I like to make mine in 300 ml just for enhanced taste and it is also quicker to finish before my workout. I have noticed that I can actually lift a bit more weights for my first couple of sets and the energy levels continue for about 4 hours. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to stay clean while gaining the muscle."

    "I am enjoying this powder for about 20 days now. I am pairing this with collagen as my supplement too, and my body looks sculpted like never before! I have sometimes tried this throughout my 1 hour workout session and did not feel tired at all! I am really impressed! The grape flavor is pretty good too, very subtle and not too sour."

    "I agree that you have to always combine physical effort with the supplements you take in order to see some results. No supplement is magic. Unfortunately, I have injured my ankle and had to take a break from my workouts. I still continued to take nulean and still kept seeing the results! I have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks and no muscle weight loss! I have started working out from today and really excited to see the results. I could not wait to write the review after my workout! :D"

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