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Pet Anxiety Solutions: The Nu Calm Approach

Pet Anxiety Solutions: The Nu Calm Approach

Franco Cavaleri shares valuable insights into Nu Paws, a pet technology-infused product by Nunu Bioceuticals, focusing on the innovative Nu Calm formula designed to alleviate pet anxiety and promote relaxation.

Nu Calm: A Breakthrough for Pet Anxiety

Nu Calm, a joint product made with Curcumin BioBDMC™, highlighting its revolutionary technology filed with patents. He explains that the human version combines Ashwagandha™ with GABA to effectively relieve anxiety, with the research revealing enhanced transcription of the GABA receptor, enabling lower doses for a calming effect.

Tailored Pet Supplements: Understanding the Difference

It is important to of recognize that human supplements may not be suitable for pets due to differences in gastrointestinal tract length, pH levels, and microbial culture. Nu Calm's carefully crafted pet tablet, flavored with simulated natural liver, ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness in addressing anxiety, separation anxiety, and depression in pets.

"Give them a different brain space that has them relax and enjoy life."

To explore the full range of benefits and witness the positive transformations in pets, watch the complete video on YouTube, and for more information, visit

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